Imad Sabbagh, DDS

Meet Dr. Sabbagh

Dr. Sabbagh

Dr. Imad Sabbagh is built on a solid record of dental education, with diverse training and experience. His professional career began with an externship at Newcastle Upon Tyne University, Newcastle, England. Dr. Sabbagh served on staff at the University of Tennessee Dental School at Memphis.

In addition to Main Street Dentistry, Dr. Sabbagh is a member of the medical team at North Fulton Hospital. He also maintains professional memberships in organizations acknowledged for their promotion of dental technology and recognition of excellence in the field.

General & Cosmetic Dentist in Alpharetta

Alpharetta dentist Dr. Imad Sabbagh has practiced for many years, and has many patients that have come to him after searching for an Alpharetta dentist.

For dental implants in Alpharetta, root canals in Alpharetta, or teeth cleaning in Alpharetta, you will be happy you came to see Alpharetta dentist Dr. Imad Sabbagh. His staff is personable and friendly, and he also has the best hygienist in Alpharetta as well.

If you need teeth whitening in Alpharetta, porcelain veneers in Alpharetta, or even a filling in Alpharetta, Dr. Sabbagh will be happy to meet you and take care of these dental services in Alpharetta.