There are some myths about root canal treatment that have led people to believe that the procedure is painful. In reality, the procedure helps to eliminate pain from an infected or compromised tooth. Another myth that floated around for a while is that the procedure causes bacteria to linger inside root canals.

What the Experts Have to Say About Root Canal Specialist Therapy

Fortunately, the American Dental Association (ADA), the American Association of Endodontists, and the American Association of Dental Research (AADR) have all come forward to affirm that a claim such as that has absolutely no scientific basis. So, what do you need to know about the benefits of treatment? Keep reading to learn what a dentist near you in Alpharetta has to say!

About Alpharetta Root Canal Treatment

If you’ve also mistakenly heard the myth that a root canal procedure is an uncommon one, it’s important to note that this treatment is one of the most common dental procedures performed each year. It consists of removing the infected pulp and filling the gap left behind. A crown is then placed over the tooth to seal the area. Another great perk about this treatment protocol is that patients are usually able to drive themselves home or back to their workplace after their procedure.

Focusing on the Main Benefit of the Procedure

This procedure is a great way to save a damaged or infected tooth instead of having to remove it and replace it with implants or bridges. It’s also a more cost-effective option than those procedures. In reality, there is nothing better you can do for your oral health than to preserve your natural teeth. After that, the next best thing is to save and restore them, which is exactly what root canal therapy does.

Say Good-Bye to the Misconceptions

Now that you’ve read this article and have armed yourself with some facts about the root canal procedure, fear should be one of the last emotions you experience when searching for a root canal dentist near you in Alpharetta! Instead, embrace the thought of a restored, pain-free smile. Make an appointment today to learn more!