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Dental Exams and Check Ups

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Why Dental Exams Are Important

Dental exams are a vital part of your oral care routine. Regular check-ups can catch small problems before they turn into bigger ones. For instance, cavities caught when they’re still small can be tackled with proper care and might never need to be filled, and diseases such as oral cancer have a high survival rate when detected early on during a bi-annual dental exam.

How Often Do You Need a Regular Check-Up?

While you often hear about annual exams, we actually recommend that you come in for a dental checkup as often as every six months in order to detect issues and prevent problems like gum disease or tooth decay. If you smoke, are prone to cavities, or have a family history of oral issues, we might recommend that you come in even more frequently for dental exams so we can closely monitor your oral health.

What Happens During a Dental Exam?

During a dental exam, we’ll start by cleaning your teeth to remove any stains or buildup. We’ll check your mouth thoroughly for any sign of cavities, gum disease, oral cancer, and other potential problems. Then, we’ll ask you to walk us through your dental care routine so we can provide guidance if necessary. In some cases, we’ll take an x-ray of your mouth to take a closer look at any issues.

Preparing for Your Dental Check-Up

The number-one thing you can do to prepare for your appointment is to practice good dental hygiene. If you brush and floss regularly using the proper techniques, you can prevent many oral issues before they start. You should also clean your teeth before you arrive at your appointment. Removing as much plaque as possible beforehand leaves us free to focus on the areas that are harder to clean.

Finally, don’t be embarrassed if you have poor dental hygiene habits. Our Alpharetta dentists are here to help you find a routine that works for you and keeps your teeth in good shape! If it’s almost time for a routine dental exam, book an appointment with our office in Alpharetta today!