Just as you care for any body part, the teeth demand care too. Due to its extensive usage and continuous exposure to wear and tear, the state of teeth deteriorates faster than any other body part. Along with the chances of dental trauma, tooth replacement is frequent.

The jaw structure might change due to trauma or win worst cases of dental infection when several teeth might need replacement. Over the years, dental restoration has become more accessible and more convenient.

Dental bridges, crown, and dental implants are some of the ways of dental restoration. The Alpharetta dentist is experienced in identifying the state of your teeth and suggest the best option. Often the jaws are not healthy enough to support dental implants. In such cases, you might need to go for dental bridges or dentures.

What are Dental Bridges?

They are a permanent dental restoration that finds application to replace either one or more missing teeth. The replacement is done by joining an artificial tooth to the neighboring teeth or a dental implant.

As the name suggests, dental bridges cover the gap formed due to missing a tooth or two. On each side of the gap, the anchoring teeth are known as abutment teeth. A bridge is formed of two or more crowns on either side of the gap.

The false teeth are often termed as pontic and can be made up of porcelain, alloys or metals like gold and silver. The dentures cannot exist alone and need to be supported by natural teeth or dental implants. The bridges are now widely made up of porcelain as the blend with your natural teeth in due time.

Type of Dental Bridges

Based on their use and position, dental bridges can be of four types.

The traditional dental bridge comprises of a pontic which is held in position by crowns. The crowns are cemented on each of the anchoring teeth on both sides of the dental gap. This form of dental bridge is more popular as you have natural teeth on either side of the dental gap

The Maryland dental bridge is similar to the traditional dental bridge to some extent. Unlike the traditional bridges, the Maryland bridges utilize a framework of porcelain or metal that is fixed with the permanent teeth on either side of the dental gap.

In cantilever dental bridges, the pontic is held in position by a single anchoring tooth. Unlike the other dental bridges, cantilever bridge requires a single permanent tooth adjacent to the dental gap.

The implant-supported dental bridge utilizes dental implants instead of crowns. In every dental gap, one implant is placed, and the implants collectively hold the bridge in position.

Advantages of Dental Bridges

The missing teeth can affect you in several ways. You can effectively address those issues by getting a dental bridge. The benefits of a dental bridge are immense.
Restoring your smile is the aesthetic advantage of dental bridges. The dental gap might dent your confidence. Dentures can clog the dental gap and enhance your self-esteem.

The gap in the jaws can make your words slip and slur in your mouth. With dental implants, you can speak with more confidence, and speech can become clear and distinct.

Dental bridges aid in maintaining the shape of your face. Not clogging the dental gap can make the adjacent teeth weaker, and might fall off. With dental bridges, you can hold the neighboring teeth in position and maintain the shape of your face.

With these, you can chew your food in a better way. With better chewing, digestion is better too. With no dental gap, the distribution of force while chewing is evenly spread.
Unlike dental implants, they do not require surgical methods. The administration of dental bridges can be done without anesthesia.


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Option for dental bridges is a good way to conceal your dental gaps. A painless procedure would increase your aesthetic as well as utility value by logging the dental gaps.