It used to be that if someone wanted to achieve a straighter smile, they had to search for orthodontic treatment near them.

That sometimes resulted in limited and expensive choices for a smile makeover.

Fortunately, things have changed in modern dentistry in recent years, and patients can now search for a dentist near them for treatment options such as Invisalign® dental aligners.

You may have heard about Invisalign. Their breakthrough technology has helped countless patients around the country – and around the world – achieve a straighter, more even smile in record time. But if you’re wondering how these clear dental aligners can provide the same benefits to your smile, keep reading to learn more.

ou Can Benefit from Invisalign in Alpharetta, GA

Whether you’re located in Alpharetta, GA or any of our neighboring cities like Cumming, Dunwoody, Johns Creek, or more, you can achieve the following benefits from Main Street Dental when you book an appointment for an Invisalign consultation.

Unlike traditional braces, these clear dental aligners have no unsightly metal wires. And since it’s these same unsightly metal wires that have prevented so many people from pursuing a straighter smile, this is probably the biggest benefit to patients in the greater Alpharetta area.

Also, the treatment time when wearing Invisalign is often considerably less than metal braces. In fact, most adult patients achieve the results they’ve dreamed of for years in as little as 12 months!

Another great benefit that patients appreciate – especially adult patients in professional work settings – is that the clear aligners can be removed for short periods of time. This means if you have a weekly meeting with management, you can discreetly remove your aligner and no one will know about your smile makeover goals except for you and your dentist!

Teenagers Love Invisalign – And as a Parent, You Will Too!

Dental work can sometimes be expensive. So, when your teenager comes to you and promises that they’ll wear their dental aligners exactly as recommended, you want to trust that they’ll respect the financial investment that you’re making for their future smile.

That being said, teenagers will be teenagers, and it’s impossible to monitor their activities 24/7. You want to trust them, but you also want to make sure they’re doing as they promised.

Fortunately, with the special technology that Invisalign has built into their teen wear products, such as Invisalign Teen in Cumming, you’ll be able to trust your teen’s follow-through.

The technology used in Invisalign Teen includes small blue dots on the aligners that will fade when they are worn for the recommended 20-22 hours a day.

This means you can discreetly monitor their wearing habits and counsel them on recommitting to their promise, if needed.

It also means that you’ll stay ahead of spending money on something that your teenager doesn’t respect the cost of the procedures.

How to Get Started with Invisalign in Roswell or the Greater Alpharetta, GA Area

We’ve found that one of the things patients worry about the most when considering a smile makeover is the cost.

If that’s what’s been holding you back, you might be happy to learn that the costs for Invisalign may be covered by most insurance carriers. You can either call your provider or call the dental care team at Main Street Dentistry to learn if your particular plan covers treatment.

Also, remember that Main Street Dental offers affordable payment plan options to cover any outstanding costs.

We know that making a decision for a smile makeover can be a daunting task. To encourage you that you’ll be in expert hands at Main Street Dental, we invite you to take time right now to read our many five-star reviews from patients that we’ve been treating for more than 20 years!

We’d Love to Meet You and Your Family Today

So, what are you waiting for? You can make an appointment today for a smile consultation for Invisalign treatment in our Alpharetta dentist office – or you can schedule an appointment for any one of the other general and cosmetic dentistry services we provide, and we’ll discuss Invisalign with you then. Either way, we look forward to meeting you!