Technological advances in the dental field have made huge leaps in the past few decades. Procedures that were once avoided or dreaded are now relatively simple and less invasive. At Main Street Dentistry, we employ many of the latest advances in order to create a wonderful environment for our patients. Here are a few that we use and how they can help you:

Intraoral Camera

Many dentists have said, “I wish you could see what I am seeing,” while examining a patient’s mouth, and the intraoral camera finally gives them that power. It is a small and compact camera that your dentist can use to show you any issues in your mouth on a screen next to you. The hi-def images allow patients to truly understand what a dentist is describing but also allows the dentist to make a better diagnosis because they can see more.

Digital X-rays

X-rays are a vital way for dentists to see what is happening inside a tooth. With the incorporation of digital x-rays, the benefits are vast. First, it means significantly less radiation exposure for our patients. Second, it saves us money since traditional x-ray film and developing chemicals are expensive. We are able to pass that saving on to our patients! Lastly, since the images are digital, they are available for us to look at almost instantaneously and we are able to save them for years to come without worrying about the disintegration that would affect traditional x-rays.

Laser Dentistry

Incorporating lasers into dentistry has been a huge game changer since lasers can help in so many ways. The focused light can often be used to fix an issue without the use of anesthesia, and when used for surgical treatments, does not require stitches! Lasers can be used for teeth whitening, removing cavities, treating canker sores, gum-related issues, and many, many more procedures.