If you want the most advanced, efficient, and safe treatment for teeth straightening you will not find a better alternative than Invisalign clear braces. These can improve your smile without wires or brackets to provide you the treatment faster by approximately 50 percent. After hearing about Invisalign your first thought would be “I should contact the dentist office near me” to understand why these aligners are better than traditional braces. However, you can also obtain the information needed by visiting an Invisalign doctor site by researching the Internet. We are providing you some information about Invisalign to give you an indication of what you can expect if you prefer this option compared to traditional braces.

Why You Should Prefer Invisalign Over Traditional Braces?

Traditional braces although being used for quite some time and also providing results have currently become outdated because many people do not want to have wires and brackets in their mouth when they are attempting to straighten their teeth. This option can dent the confidence of people who may not want to display the ungainly braces in their mouth especially before their friends and family members.

Invisalign can provide people with a modern and fully digitized experience to help them get the smile they want, the way they prefer. People can confidently opt for Invisalign over any other type of orthodontic treatment because it can help them to straighten their teeth by preventing the use of metal braces which are customary with the traditional variety. With Invisalign people will be able to wear a series of customized clear braces developed with plastic aligners that help to position the teeth properly. If you are considering this option it is suggested that you contact Invisalign Alpharetta for advice about why this option should be preferred.

What Are The Costs of Invisalign?

According to the manufacturer, the cost of Invisalign is between $3500-$8000. Your Alpharetta dentist can provide you a better estimate of the price by considering the extent of alignment needed by your teeth along with the number of aligners. Traditional braces will cost you in the region of $2500-$6000 and the cost may vary according to individual requirements. It can, therefore, be seen that the variance in prices is not much despite being higher by a small margin. However, the convenience offered by Invisalign will more than compensate for any extra dollars you may have to spend to straighten your teeth for having the smile you always wanted.

What Are The Benefits Offered by Invisalign?

Unlike traditional braces which remain in your mouth and are visible to everyone Invisalign offers you many benefits to help you with your oral hygiene. While traditional braces will leave lesions on your teeth after they are removed this option will prevent such occurrences because the braces can easily be removed and replaced whenever you want. It gives you the freedom to have the foods you love, brush and floss your teeth after a meal and most importantly continue to remain virtually invisible. It simply means that you can continue living your life as you want while also caring for your teeth as you have always done throughout the treatment.

Invisalign Is Also A Healthy Option

If you prefer to get your braces from Invisalign Alpharetta you can be confident that you are choosing a healthy option for straightening your teeth. This is because apart from serving their purpose the aligners can also make you lose weight. Are you wondering how braces to straighten your teeth can also make you lose weight? When you discuss this subject with Invisalign Cumming GA you will receive information that the aligners need to be worn for approximately 22 hours leaving you just two hours to have your meals every day. At some point, you may become bored to remove and replace the aligners regularly and may decide to skip a meal or two during the treatment. Eventually, you will not only have straight teeth and a great smile but will also have lost some weight making you a fitter person. Don’t you think this is a great option especially if you are also looking to lose weight for improving your overall appearance?

You can discuss the option of having Invisalign with your dentist, consider the costs as well as the benefits, and the results you are likely to derive by using this option as compared to traditional braces. We are confident you will decide in favor of Invisalign because you will be convinced by your dentist that it is indeed the best option available.