Patient Education

At Main Street Dentistry, we always strive to be transparent about the precautions we take to keep you and your family safe. Proper infection control protects not only our patients but our staff, too, and it’s to our benefit to be rigorous about our protocol. We want to keep you informed about the policies and procedures we follow on a daily basis in order to prevent infection and disease in our facility.

Dr. Sabbagh and the rest of our staff follow the safety procedures outlined by several leading federal organizations: the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the Center for Disease Control (CDC). These procedures include:

All reusable equipment is completely sterilized before and after every use. To do this, we use a device called an autoclave, which uses steam, heat, and pressure to kill bacteria. Disposable materials are used whenever possible to reduce the risk of contamination.

Information is the best defense against disease and infection, and your comfort and safety are our top priorities. If you ever have any questions about our safety procedures, please feel free to ask a member of our staff or give us a call before your next appointment. We hope that the more you know about our office’s procedures and policies, the more comfortable you will feel.