Do you have decayed, damaged or imperfect teeth? Looking for a solution that can improve the appearance of your teeth while protecting them from decay or further damage? Dental crowns are one of the most versatile dental restorations we offer here at Main Street Dentistry. Dental crowns can be used to completely cover a tooth, providing protection and strength while improving the look of your smile. There are several reasons your Alpharetta dentist may recommend a dental crown; these include:

Dental Crown Procedure

Through experience and knowledge, Main Street Dentistry has perfected the design, fabrication, and placement of dental crowns. Our crowns are durable, natural-looking and can help improve your oral health and the appearance of your smile. Once we’ve decided that a dental crown is the right option for you, the procedure can usually be completed in just three steps:

  1. 1. Preparing the Affected Tooth

To place the dental crown, your tooth must first be shaped, which includes removing small amounts of enamel and tooth structure. Impressions will then be taken so that your crown can be precisely created.

  1. 2. Placing a Temporary Crown

Before sending you on your way, a temporary crown will be placed on the affected tooth for appearance and functionality. The temporary crown will be worn until your final appointment when your custom dental crown is finished.

  1. 3. Placing Your Dental Crown 

Once your crown has been created, you will return for your final appointment. We will fit the crown to make sure it is comfortable, functional and is visually appealing. If we’re satisfied with the results, your dental crown will then be bonded to the affected tooth.

Got a tooth that is affected by decay, damage or imperfections? Contact our Alpharetta dental office today! We’d be happy to evaluate your oral health and determine if a dental crown is the right option for you.