Our dentists at Main Street Dentistry value the care and quality of your teeth and dental care. We recommend regular dental exams and professional cleanings at least twice a year with our dentists. To learn more about the benefits of regular dental exams at Main Street Dentistry, we encourage you to continue reading on.

Professional Dental Cleanings

Professional cleanings are vital in protecting your oral health. During one of your regular appointments with our dentists, they will effectively remove all the hidden plaque from your teeth as well as the tartar from your gum lines. This treatment helps to prevent tooth decay and allows for fresher breath.

Importance of Routine Exams

Recent studies have shown the link between a healthy mouth and a healthy body. Regular dental exams allow your dentist to detect problems. This can eventually save you on time and money spent on various treatments and procedures for your smile. Your dentist will also supply you with x-rays of your jaw and mouth. This will show your dentist any hidden dental problems you may have as well as helps your dentist to have a full picture of your teeth. They will also assess the health of your teeth and gums.

Establishing a relationship with your personal dentist team during your regular dental exams will allow them to become familiar with your unique set of needs. This is important in emergency situations and allows us to quickly and effectively help you in order to move along with your personalized treatment plan.

Schedule a dental exam with one of our dentists and begin experiencing the benefits of regular dental care with our team. Call our clinic today for any questions you may have or for more information on what will happen during your next appointment.