Dental implants are a permanent tooth replacement option that continues to grow in popularity in recent years. Implant dentistry offers many benefits over other tooth restoration methods, like removable dentures and bridges. For patients looking to replace one or more missing teeth, dental implants are a leading choice. If properly inserted and cared for, patients can enjoy a natural-appearing tooth restoration for life.

The Benefits of Implant Dentistry

In addition to several other benefits, patients find that dental implants provide firm support to prosthetic teeth so there is no fear of dentures slipping out of place or shifting while eating or speaking. Other benefits include:

Permanent and Secure Tooth Restoration – When you opt for dental implants, you eliminate the risk of having your tooth replacement become dislodged. Since the implant posts are surgically inserted into the jaw bone where they become integrated, the dental prosthetic functions as a natural tooth. You can bite, chew and brush your teeth as you normally would once the dental implants have healed.

Healthy, Natural-Looking Smile – Custom-made crowns that attach to dental implants are crafted to blend in with the surrounding natural teeth. If you are replacing an entire set of teeth with implants, the tooth restoration will appear identical to a natural set.

Maintain a Healthy Mouth and Jaw – When teeth are missing or out of place, bone deterioration takes place in the jaw, below and around the lost tooth. This puts a lot of pressure on the remaining teeth which lead to teeth shifting and jaw misalignments. Tooth replacement with dental implants can help maintain your jaw shape and protect the surrounding teeth. Other tooth restorations include tooth-supported bridges, which requires healthy supportive surrounding teeth that end up damaged in the process.

Implant Dentistry Works for Most Patients

If you are in good enough health to endure a tooth extraction, it is likely you will be approved for tooth replacement with dental implants. The biggest problem is people who don’t have enough strong, healthy bone to support the posts. In these cases, it is often possible to use bone grafting to restore new bone, or with other types of bone regeneration options. Whatever the case, dental implants are a good option to restore your smile and full mouth function.